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We have a qualified doctor and nurse practitioner performing all our botox. The visiting doctor takes bookings on Thursday afternnons between 1pm-5pm. The visiting nurse takes bookings Wednesday and Thursday between 11am-2pm.


Initial Consult (with Doctor)
Initial Consult (with Nurse)
Redeemable if treatment is performed on the day
$60 without treatment
Per Unit Cost

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags can be unsightly and uncomfortable to live with. However, living with them is not the only option. Skin tag removal is becoming more popular and provides the instant results people are looking for. Come and meet one of our aestheticians who can help you feel more comfortable in your skin again. 

Free Consultation

At this consultation, our aesthetician will look at what tags you are wanting to remove and then will provide a quote based on the number to be removed and the time it will take to perform this treatment. 

What Our Clients Say

  • After years of having skin tags covering my neck I decided to do something about it. Booking into the Isobel Beauty Clinic has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. After 3 treatments I really have been amazed at the results.
  • You dont have to live with unsightly skin tags, having them removed was quick and easy, with the friendly staff at isobels. Wish I had done it years ago.
  • If you need skin tags removed I can fully recommend the professional ladies at Isobels Medi Spa Palmerston North. My personal experience with them was amazing, pleasant, helpful and friendly to the extent of feeling I was the only one there. My treatment was spread over several 1hr appointments as I had a large number of tags on my neck and chest area. It has been 100% successful, the skin is now back to looking normal, smooth and healthy with no scarring or signs that I ever had tags. Before there was always a pigmentation spotty look and it was uncomfortable to wear jewellery around my neck as it caught on the tags. The actual burn off treatment was done after the area had been numbed so there was no feeling of pain or discomfort. A slight flesh burning smell was the only indication anything was happening. For a few days afterwards there were dark spots where the tags had been removed but these quickly healed and vanished. Sometimes I experienced a little discomfort if the treated area dried out to quickly but this was resolved by applying ointment provided. My only regret is that I didn’t know about this treatment earlier in life rather than getting to my seventies to find out and get it done.

  • Beauty is an amazing thing. The harder we look, the deeper it goes. We have made this our everlasting goal to make the outer look beautiful and to create tranquility and happiness inside as well. ~ Isobel, Beauty Therapist

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