Hands & Feet

All of our treatments use the Elim Range of Hand & Feet products. Please note also, all times are a guide only. The exact time of treatments do vary.


45 mins
Rapid Pedicure


An express treatment with a chemical heel peel, neutraliser, foot balm, nail paint and cuticle oil. 

Treatment includes file, clip, buff and paint. Excludes massage, mask and soak. 

75 mins
Advanced Pedicure


Restore dry areas, cracked heels and nails with a callus peel, neutralisation, anti-bacterial soak, enzymatic exfoliation, detox mask, massage and gold dust.

Treatment includes cuticle removal and hydration, file, clip, buff and paint. 

30 mins
Mediheel Peel


Remove hard, callused skin and neutralise the heel to its optimum PH level with a Chemical Peel for cracked heels, neutraliser and foot perfector application.

Easy add on to your facial, wax or massage appointment. 


45 mins
Rapid Manicure


An express but active treatment that treats ageing or dehydrated hands.

Treatment includes file, clip, buff, anti-ageing hydration application and paint. Excludes soak and exfoliation

75 mins
Advanced Manicure


A preventative hand treatment which can also add ageing and pigmented hands with a warming hydro exfoliation, a nail whitening soak and an anti-aging massage. 

Treatment includes file, clip, buff, exfoliation, nail whitening soak, massage and paint. 

30 mins
Nail Tidy

$30.00 Either Hands OR Feet

$45.00 Both Hands & Feet

This includes a cuticle tidy, file and buff of the nails.

Men's Nail Services

60 mins


A fast & effective hand treatment for the busy man - perfect for those working hard on the farm or in the office.

Treatment includes nail whitening soak, file, clip, buff, exfoliation and cuticle care.

60 mins


A fast and effective foot treatment - ideal for those who are on the go all day.

Treatment includes callus peel, file, clip, buff, exfoliation, cuticle care and hydration. 

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